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  • Updated
    4-09-2023, 12:25
  • Name
    Jurassic Survival
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Here you have a frankly successful game, which is not bad even against the background of many representatives of the genre. What is its peculiarity, you may ask? Here you have to play as a man who suddenly found himself in the middle of a prehistoric jungle, and now must somehow survive here.

You first need to find weapons, and then create a shelter, because the jungle is literally teeming with a variety of predatory creatures that will pose a considerable threat to you, so you will have to try very hard to just survive there. Download Jurassic Survival for Android, it is only for the sake of such an interesting game set. You should also pay attention to the abundance of various predators that roam everywhere, some of them reach really colossal sizes, so you will have to make a lot of effort to eliminate them.

The story component in the game is also worth a lot, because you need to find out who exactly is to blame for your getting into such a difficult situation, which initially will be extremely difficult. You will move very slowly through the story, constantly fighting, and sometimes finding fragments of information that will allow you to move a little further, and so for a very long time, only at the very end, the picture will develop for you completely.
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