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    26-02-2023, 12:18
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    This War of Mine
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    Android 4.0+
Here you have a very good stimulant associated with survival, in the game you will get acquainted with the stories of three separate characters. In the world where the main characters live, there is a terrible war, so they United in order to help each other survive in this way. Of course, you will have to act as those who will help the heroes with survival.

At the start, you will get the characters that are in the house, you must study it. And this way you can get a set of useful items, for example, you can find medicines that can then be used. Still, you will need food and water, these are very necessary items for survival, you still need fuel for a fire. You will also have to create items necessary for survival, for example, a bed or a chair, for this you will have to look for a set of suitable materials. And at the moment when all the necessary things will be at your fingertips, you as a designer will collect the necessary item. Clothes also need to be created, as well as a variety of tools.

But on your way there will be many obstacles, for example, closed doors, which you in turn need to quickly open using a master key. Management is very convenient and with its help, you will have to manage all the actions of the characters. Download This War of Mine (var of mine) for Android, as you can quickly see for yourself, you need for the sake of such opportunities.
The main feature, you do not always have to manage the characters personally, you can set them a specific mission. And then they will work on their own, and it is worth noting that the set of available missions that you can ask them is quite extensive.
The game is able to please a really dark design, it will only give it a fair share of color. It really feels great that there is a war going on somewhere. The music is also dark, and it only complements everything else. The passage is accompanied by a story that explains exactly what is happening in the world.

You should also pay attention to the characters that you control, they have a fairly large set of undoubtedly original features. For example, they can understand what is right and what is not. So if you force them to do bad things. They may become depressed, or even run away from the shelter, so planning actions. You have to think about your characters, or rather their feelings.

game Features:

  • Originality, you will not be able to find anything like this anywhere else;
  • Interesting component of the story;
  • A dark, but interesting graphics;
  • Convenient interface.
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    Hey 17 April 2023 15:24

    Good ,it working 2023 ver 1.6.2