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Gangstar West Coast Hustle

Gangstar West Coast Hustle

  • Updated
    3-09-2020, 15:06
  • Name
    Gangstar West Coast Hustle
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  • OS version
    Android 2.1+
Gangstar West Coast Hustle-games for mobile devices, is not in our time something really rare. Here in front of you is a thing that can be evaluated as a copy of GTA, while you can confidently say that this is one of the most successful copies.
At the start you have to be in a huge and three-dimensional city, it is well designed, and has a lot of original locations. Graphics, however, are somewhat inferior to the computer versions, but for the most part slightly. You will be free in their actions, do what you want, even if there is a storyline with tasks, but you can completely give up on them, and choose entertainment exclusively to your liking.

You will find a huge amount of transport, which you will be able to steal a reasonable, and then travel around the city. A set of weapons is also really big, you can always find a really effective weapons. Download Gangstar West Coast Hustle for Android, as you can quickly see, is already solely for the sake of such opportunities. It is also worth emphasizing the convenient operation, through the touch screen, you can easily have any impact on the world.

Another important part, are the internal money, they are also desirable for you to focus your attention, as you progress through the missions, you will receive internal currency, accumulating the necessary amount, feel free to spend on the purchases you need, for example, you can replenish your Arsenal, really effective weapons. Still happy with the musical possibilities of the game, during the passage, you can easily customize your favorite music, and it will constantly accompany the gameplay.

We should also emphasize the mission, they will all be related to crime. But this is where their similarity ends. They will be, as a rule, the most diverse. Among the jobs that will be almost everything, starting with the carjacking. And ending with brutal battles against enemy groups. At the same time it is worth mentioning that this application is made undemanding to your device, it is quite simple to go even on frankly old smartphones. However, there are drawbacks, for example, the application is not Russified. So often there are difficulties, both with the interface, when you have to deal with it frankly for a long time, and with the missions, when getting some tasks, you will not, unfortunately, understand exactly how they need to be done.

game Features:

  • Really big world;
  • Solid set of available transport;
  • A lot of enemies;
  • Convenient interface;
  • Complete freedom of action.

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