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Rail Rush

Rail Rush

  • Updated
    3-10-2020, 10:25
  • Name
    Rail Rush
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  • OS version
    Android 2.3.3+
Here you have a simple at first glance runner, which at the same time can not leave indifferent any modern player. The game turned out to be incredibly bright and dynamic, so it is perfect for you just to pass the time. Let the representatives of the genre there is really a lot, but even against the background of competitors, this game is for the most part very good to be smoritsya.

The gameplay looks like this, you will race on a trolley, through winding tunnels, in the process you have to collect diamonds scattered everywhere here, and overcome a variety of obstacles that are quite generously scattered on your way. The graphics in the game are simple, but at the same time quite nice. The same applies to the sound, which is also very good. Download Rail Rush for Android, you can already for this, if you like simple and uncomplicated games, then here you can enjoy such a good full measure.

It is also worth emphasizing the extremely simple operation, which consists of just a couple of keys, and at the same time, will allow you to fully cope with all the tasks in the game. The main thing is reaction, because as you progress through the difficulty will increase, due to the fact that the trolley is accelerating, so you will have to react faster to obstacles.

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