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1LINE - one-stroke puzzle game

1LINE - one-stroke puzzle game

  • Updated
    24-07-2022, 10:08
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    1LINE - one-stroke puzzle game
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    Android 4.1+
1LINE-a good puzzle that is just great for everyone who likes to stretch their own brains well, if you belong to a similar audience. This means that you are very lucky, and the game will be able to provide you with everything you need. The gameplay here is quite simple, you will have to combine points with lines into a single shape. The first levels will be frankly simple, so they should not cause you any significant problems. But the further you go, the more difficult it becomes, so the passage will take you more and more time.

All levels were combined into several chapters, each of which can please with its own characteristics. There are almost half a thousand of them here, so you will have to spend a lot of time on solving all of them. The first ten suggest one idea, namely that as for a puzzle, but as you can quickly see, such a thought does not correspond to reality.
The last levels turned out to be incredibly difficult, there is a huge set of really difficult tasks that will be able to stump, even an adult. Download 1LINE - one-stroke puzzle game for Android, you can all fans of the genre, as you can quickly see, the toy is very worthy. In particularly difficult cases, you can always use the help of a hint that will quickly solve all your problems, in extremely compressed lines. It is also worth noting that even if at first glance, the solution to all problems will look the same, but often at different levels, you will have to use a completely different strategy and logic, which also gives the process of passing a solid level of attractiveness. The brain toy loads really very much, and thanks to this, it pleases most of all.

Management is simple, you can easily solve all the difficulties that arise in your way. Literally with one finger, there is no Russification in the game, but you can honestly admit that you do not need it here especially, everything turned out to be frankly simple and clear. The graphic component turned out to be very good, we must admit frankly, there are no masterpieces, but everything looks quite beautiful. Due to the lack of a colorful picture, the toy is not very demanding to your device, and to the Android operating system in General, so it runs smoothly even on older models of smartphones, where you can play without experiencing any significant problems or inconveniences.

Main game features:

  • Convenient control;
  • Complex tasks that are constantly getting more complex;
  • Light and undemanding to the device.

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