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Shadowmatic-an interesting and original puzzle that will please as well-designed colorful graphics. And quite a high level of complexity, which can delay you for a long time. The gameplay here is both extremely interesting and colorful. You dress up to rotate a set of different figures, as long as the shadow of them does not display a certain picture. A set of parts can be very diverse, but they can be, for example, in a rabbit or even in some animal. The process can be quite complex, initially you just need to understand what kind of animal you want to create, then by long manipulations to turn all the parts so that the output is exactly the desired item. Initially, as already mentioned at the beginning, you will need to create animals, this can be attributed to the simplest task, then go all sorts of items that are much more difficult to work with, but if you do not give up, you will be able to cope with them. As you progress, the complexity will grow, each next task, it turns out a little more difficult than the previous ones.

The game has a Russian-language interface, so it will be easy to understand the requirements of the game. All controls are simple and intuitive, so that problems should not cause. At the start you will have to go through a simple training that will allow you to understand the main features of the game, and after training, you can play freely. Solving complex tasks. If you do not manage to understand what exactly you need to do with such a figure, at your service will always be a functional hint, which should greatly facilitate life, and will help to deal with all the difficulties. Moreover, the hint just slega will push you to solve the problem, and will not solve the problem for you, this can also be attributed to the significant advantages of the game and for the sake of such opportunities to download Shadowmatic on Android, not only possible, but also necessary.

There are several tips, if the first did not help you, use the next, and so on until the subject is completely open. To be understood constantly, it is not interesting to use prompts, but partially to facilitate to you life they quite can. In addition, the tips are not free, they are bought for in-game currency, so if you buy them constantly, you just run out of it quickly, you need to save until you meet a really difficult task.

The main advantages of the game:
  • Very bright and detailed graphics;

  • A large set of levels, each of which you will find a new item;

  • Interesting system of game achievements;

  • A simple but nevertheless functional management.
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