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    15-11-2019, 12:15
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    Gods of Rome
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    Android 4.0+
God of Rome-a game in which you will find a large set of colorful and interesting battles, let such good in our time there is frankly a lot. The game can still impress with its capabilities. The plot tells about the son of Hades who is going to take over the world, using the titans. It is difficult to call such a story really original, something like this has already been repeatedly, but at the same time it is quite interesting. And the gameplay is quite interesting, because you have to fight for peace. Moreover, at the start you will be the only fighter will act, and only during the passage will be able to acquire new fighters.

Battles in the game are held in a somewhat unusual format for us, rather they can not even be called full-fledged battles. You just have to attack the enemy before he is going to attack you. Some colorful and exciting fights, you just will not see, despite the fact that the game itself is very colorful, the world turned out to be well-designed and bright. The system of battles in the game, of course, turned out not to be interesting, against the background of numerous analogues, something like that, unfortunately, as anything, but not as a masterpiece. From the game with so well-designed graphics, waiting for something much more, but unfortunately just do not wait. During the battle you will be able to use all sorts of divine abilities that are sure to help you win. In battle, you will be able to meet as well-known personalities according to legends, and committed ordinary fighters, but in any case, they will have unique abilities. Each character has both strengths and weaknesses. Forget about which in any case it is not necessary, the weaknesses of your fighter should always be securely covered. All the characters available to you in the game, you can repeatedly pump, improving their available abilities and just make stronger, the pumping system in the game is quite effective, so as you progress through you will definitely work on it. Download Gods of Rome for Android, you can already exclusively for the sake of such opportunities.

As in many modern games, there is energy here, if it runs out, you will not be able to fight anymore, you will have to wait for some time needed to recover. To avoid such a problem, you can use real money in the game. Although it seems like this, we will not recommend it to you.

game Features:

  • Bright graphic component, the world is soundly worked out;
  • Interesting plot with unexpected twists;
  • A large number of mythical characters.
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