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    3-10-2022, 12:45
  • Name
    Almost a Hero
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  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 4.0.3+
Almost a Hero – a game in which you will have to interact with several characters at the same time, they create their own story. You will manage a single hero who has many positive qualities, but at the same time, everyone around him thinks he is stupid. To prove that this is not so, the hero will have to go through a lot of fights. It travels through a really colorful and interesting world that just can't disappoint you with its capabilities. During the journey, you need to destroy numerous enemies that only risk getting in your way. For each enemy, you will get a little gold, which can then be spent on improving the character. you can Download Almost a Hero for Android exclusively for the sake of the above advantages, however, we must admit that these are not the only advantages of the game. Here you need to add that even if you control one fighter, but at the start you can choose a character.

Here we need to add that in General, games of this type can not boast a really interesting story, and this game should be recognized, did not become any significant exception. All of its main advantage lies in an interesting gameplay, the same story branches can tell you what to do, but some significant interest, just do not cause.

There is an interesting leveling system, the hero can raise the levels, in the process getting new skills necessary for victory. As you progress through the enemies will become stronger, initially they are weak enough, so they will die after just one hit, but it will not be forever, with each round the enemy's strength will only grow. And if you do not have time to pump your fighters hard enough, then one day, you just can not cope with the hordes of the enemy pressing on you. All your helpers in the game can be pumped and trained, training does not help to raise the level, but they will help to hone the possession of weapons, so that you can win much faster, just by skill. In addition, all the fighters can also be armed with a variety of weapons, which also has an important impact on the speed of your victory. The set of characters, however, will be quite small, even with the most successful state of Affairs, you will not be able to create a huge army in the game, so you will always have to manipulate a small detachment.

game Features:

  • Great graphics, with a huge set of really colorful effects;
  • A lot of magical items with which you can interact;
  • There is a translation into Russian;
  • Please both your own heroes and a variety of opponents.
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