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Neighbours From Hell: Season 1

Neighbours From Hell: Season 1

  • Updated
    24-04-2023, 09:41
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    Neighbours From Hell: Season 1
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    Android 2.3+
How to get a neighbor - not everyone is lucky with neighbors, many are really restless and annoying people who would like to avenge all the good, but unfortunately, in the real world, this is impossible. But fortunately there are games that will help you throw out the accumulated anger. Here is one such game in front of you, here you need to explain to the neighbors how they were wrong when you crossed the road. Initially, the game appeared on the computer, where it gained considerable popularity, as a result of which it quickly moved to the mobile platform.

You need to get into the house to the annoying neighbor, and then do him a nasty thing, for example, to damage the legs of a chair, or make some other trap in the middle of his house so that the neighbor is sure to get into it. The set of traps that you will be able to create here is really big, so you will have where to turn. In fact, you are limited only by your imagination, and so will be able to combine and create really complex traps that will bring a lot of problems to the harmful neighbor. Everything that you wanted to do to your real neighbors, you can do right here. Let it have been a long time since the game has gained popularity on computers, and let there it may not look successful, but on mobile devices, it looks really good, even now. Already for the sake of this Neighbours From Hell: Season 1 is not worth it.

In addition, the game is quite difficult, because you have to sneak from a neighbor to get into his house, which will already be quite a difficult task, so also need to collect traps from objects located there, so sometimes you have to think well with your head, deciding where exactly you can stick this or that object. If you catch the eye of a neighbor, you will automatically lose. Also, as you progress, you will discover new locations, expressed here in the form of rooms, initially you can mess around in a fairly limited space, but it will be so initially, the longer you play, the more available entertainment facilities get.
The graphics in the game are decent enough, it is reasonable cartoon, and against the background of modern computer games, can not hit something incredible, but still for the most part pleases. The soundtrack is just on top, when the traps are triggered, you will be able to hear a huge number of really funny sounds.

Feature of game:

  • Many locations where you can create all sorts of traps;
  • Interesting story that looks quite original;
  • Lots of fun sound and visual effects.
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