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Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG

Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG

  • Updated
    9-09-2022, 09:00
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    Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG
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    Android 4.0.3+
Nonstop Knight is an original arcade game in which you will have to take control of a knight. And then for a certain period of time, you need to destroy a certain number of enemies. The last will be all sorts of monsters, and the knight will travel through underground caves, where monsters live just incredibly much. As for the control of the hero, you should immediately say that this was strongly said, because your character moves in automatic mode, from your actions, the passage of the mind will depend on a lot. Although even the attacks your fighter conducts himself without assistance, and this is somewhat depressing, because there is a feeling that the game plays itself without your participation, but this is not like many people. However, you can choose which attacks he should use, otherwise the character will die already when meeting with the first really difficult opponent. At the start, a set of special attacks will be quite fast, but as you move forward, you can get a lot of interesting abilities.

The interface here is quite nice, even if there are few control elements. But the game is primarily well suited to those people who are not used to playing on the phone, for such people, all the actions here were facilitated to the maximum,so there should simply be no problems. Your enemies will be the undead, you can meet both ordinary ordinary skeletons and necromancers, who will be really terrible enemies. Which is very difficult to win. If you lose the first pass, it's okay, the level can be passed again, as long as the enemy is not defeated. Download Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG for Android, you can already only for the sake of such features.

However, it should be added that the map is designed for the most part in the same format, so that with a long passage of the game, you begin to understand that some variety is not enough. But most of the enemies have a unique design, which makes them pleasantly pleasing to the General background. The sound in the game turned out to be ambiguous, we must admit that for the most part it is decent, but against the backdrop of numerous battles, you do not pay much attention to it, which, unfortunately, is not particularly happy. However, to consider a really serious disadvantage, such a thing is also determined not to work. Although the soundtrack could have been more worthy.

Key game features:

  • Numerous locations filled with powerful enemies;
  • Original gameplay;
  • Ability to develop your character simply as you progress;
  • Easy to manage.

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