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Color Switch

Color Switch

  • Updated
    17-04-2022, 10:26
  • Name
    Color Switch
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0.3+
Color Switch – frankly simple, but at the same time interesting game that tries to prove that you can be incredibly successful without an unusual plot or bright graphics. And in General, the game turns out like this in fact really well. Some incredible masterpieces you will not see here, but the game is fun and quite good. You can even say that here before you is not one game, but a set of mini-games. As a rule, the key task here will be to throw the ball over the line. That's just it will not be as easy as you would like, because you will have a huge number of various obstacles that will stand between you and the goal.

Moreover, each game is unique, but frankly difficult, so you will have to constantly come up with new ways to solve a particular problem. Sometimes you will have to guide the ball to the goal, through winding mazes, and sometimes the obstacles will be even more difficult. Agree to download Color Switch for Android, you can already only for the sake of such features. In addition, we must immediately emphasize that the game is quite easy, so it will have to go on most modern devices.

The game is usually complicated by the fact that you do not even explain what you should do, you have to guess yourself, but as if this was not enough. There is still a time limit, and this will make your life especially difficult. After all, you have to very quickly, in the mode of lack of time, find a way to pass the next level as soon as possible.

The advantages of the game, in addition to its General ease and undemanding, can also be attributed to the extremely simple operation. Let the tasks be difficult, but to solve them, you will first have to actively use your head, not your hands. The sound component here is at a height, even if the set of sounds is not so rich, but everything that you can hear here, for the most part, will always be in the theme. Sounds at the same time unobtrusive, which is good, but at the same time always in the theme, so that cause strong positive feelings. Unfortunately, there is no Russian-language interface here, however, this may be a disadvantage, but it is far from critical, because everything is intuitive, so if you want, you can easily understand everything. Also, the significant advantages of the application can be clearly attributed to the fact that there is a frankly large set of levels, already thanks to this, the game will have to spend several weeks to pass.

game Features:

  • Challenging gameplay;
  • The original idea of the game;
  • A large number of levels.

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