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Alto's Adventure

Alto's Adventure

  • Updated
    21-08-2020, 18:08
  • Name
    Alto's Adventure
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    Android 4.0+
Alto's Adventure – an interesting, but at first glance quite simple arcade game. You will have to move along steep descents and not too sharp ascents, where you can meet a huge number of dangerous obstacles, among those that can delay you so well. You will have to move correctly, correctly, calculating your trajectory, and also regularly make the most incredible jumps. With the help of which you will cross the most difficult obstacles. Let the jumps turn out to be eerily improbable and unrealistic, at the same time they serve as the most real decorations in the game.

The game is made in the winter theme, and at the start you will find yourself on a dizzying slope, controlling your skier. On your road there will be not only all sorts of natural hazards, but also animals that roam the slope and will pose a serious threat to you. The trouble is that they can move, so to make a really difficult jump, in order to jump over them is quite difficult. After all, they can run to the place where your jump ends, thus knocking down your character. Quite an interesting difference in the game is that there is no snow avalanche, as in other similar simulators, however, this will not simplify the game at all, because there will be a huge set of difficulties on your way. Download Alto's Adventure on anroid, it is quite possible already solely for the sake of the above-mentioned features. The game should please any fan of such genres, and people who have never played similar games will not be disappointed, you can not even doubt the latter.

Some additional feature of the game gives the fact that you can earn extra points as you progress, you can get them as performing a variety of complex tricks. In addition, as you progress, you can save a wide variety of animals that are in trouble and for their rescue, you will receive points. Earned game currency, here you can spend on all sorts of game items that should make it easier for you to pass. There is a game store where you can easily dig up all the necessary game items. In addition, thanks to the accumulated currency, you will be able to start the game from the place where you died, not from the beginning. However, treat the coins very carefully, having spent them all and died, you will have to go from the very beginning anyway. There should always be a reserve for emergencies.

game Features:

  • Bright graphic component;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • Convenient control;
  • High complexity.

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