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Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3

  • Updated
    13-02-2022, 10:08
  • Name
    Brothers in Arms 3
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    Android 4.0+
Brothers in Arms 3 - a new part of the popular shooter from GameLoft. Let's find out what the French developers have prepared this time. Running the game, we immediately see a variety of weapons that are available at the moment. We begin the passage with a rifle and a machine gun. For different types of missions will need certain weapons.

You can upgrade, upgrade and sell guns for in-game currency. It is worth noting that the creators have cut the possibility of endless play, and added the energy that is needed to start missions. There are eight chapters that will open gradually. There are several battle modes: company and diversion. The first is a unique storyline where you will receive orders and carry them out. The second-it is necessary to kill all the running enemies and wait for reinforcements from the rear. If you find a secret map, you get access to a secret mission. Before each level, the application offers to buy bonuses for real currency, which will greatly simplify the task.

Let's start! We get to the enemy base, hide behind obstacles and hit the target with well-aimed shots. Control the hero virtual joystick on the left, and the action keys on the right. From the killed fascists will drop chests, where you can find bonuses, as well as cards that will open access to an additional branch of tasks.

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