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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

  • Updated
    19-12-2023, 10:51
  • Name
    Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
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  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes-a game created on the basis of the famous film universe. So that it is able sure to please many fans of the latter, with its bright possibilities. In the game you will be able to control many heroes, while you can choose the side for which you want to fight, dark or light. Want, fight for the Jedi, and want, you can take under its wing of the Sith. As you progress, you will regularly receive under his control of new characters, which will be able to manage. For the passage of levels, you will receive internal currency, which can be exchanged for a new character, and just something valuable. At the same time, new characters can be obtained, including as bonuses, for successful completion.

There is quite an interesting storyline, which largely copies the films. You will have to feel in numerous battles, in the vastness of the universe. See many interesting and just famous places. In addition, there is quite an interesting system of pumping, so that any available character can be repeatedly improved, developing the abilities you need. Just an important part of the game will act droids, they will help in the promotion of locations, and swing with them you can much faster. Agree download Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes on Android it is quite possible already for the sake of such opportunities, not every game can please you with something like this.

You will be able to develop not only during battles, but also to improve the characteristics of the characters can be through training, numerous trainings will be able to improve the characteristics of your character by an order of magnitude. Many of your characters will be available to all sorts of unique abilities, for example Sith possess lightning. The other heroes also have all sorts of interesting techniques suitable for the destruction of enemies. The storyline here is really interesting, and runs through the whole game, so as you progress you will regularly see new and interesting moments. Fully the same storyline will be revealed at the very end of the game. At the same time it is necessary to warn, the game turned out to be quite demanding to your device, first of all, this happened because of the really good graphics. So before you try to install the game on your device, make sure that it will go.

game Features;

  • Bright graphics;
  • A large set of really interesting characters;
  • Good Russian translation;
  • After installation, there is no need to download anything further;
  • Quite convenient and practical operation.
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