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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

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    9-02-2020, 11:07
  • Name
    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
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    Android 2.3+
Modern Combat 4 – many popular games, are continued in the form of many new parts, here in front of you is the option. This is the fourth game in the series that will not leave you indifferent. Like the previous parts, the game is sharpened for numerous battles, you will have to wait for a huge number of opponents, which you will have to quickly destroy at the time.

Here is quite an interesting storyline, which is a pleasure to watch, it is famously twisted, and pleases a solid set of various branches. Although at the same time, the plot is not flexible, the main line is the same and most of what is happening, you with all your desire, you simply can not influence. But you can enjoy quite high-quality graphics, and excellent detail of the world, in this regard, everything also turned out more than soundly.

The plot here is as follows, the terrorists have taken hostages, and you will have to act as the one who will release them. However, everything here is about the same as the analogues, with a few exceptions, if you make a mistake somewhere during the operation, and do something wrong. Everything will end in a nuclear war, so you have much more in your hands than the lives of a few hostages, and depending on how you pull off the operation, the future of the whole world depends. Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Android, as you can well see, it was worth it exclusively for the sake of such advantages. In the game you will find a huge number of battles, everything looks really beautiful, and consistently pleases with its capabilities. Visual effects made at a height, and in General, you can call them almost a masterpiece.
It is also worth emphasizing that in General, you will have a choice, although it is accepted to play for the special forces, but with some desire, you can understandably take control of the real terrorist. Moreover, in addition to the company, there is an opportunity to play on the network against real players. And such a battle may be even more interesting. It is also worth mentioning the presence of several difficulty modes. Among which there are, including really difficult tasks.

When playing in the company, you will regularly receive a variety of missions. Performing them, you will receive regular payment. You need to save money and spend it on all sorts of effective weapons, which should be useful for the next missions, so initially plan what exactly you need.

game Features:

  • Well-designed world;
  • Practical interface, ideally designed for the touch screen;
  • The game is light, well optimized, but somewhat heavy and will not fully go around.
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