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Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon: Extinction

  • Updated
    19-05-2022, 09:42
  • Name
    Nexomon: Extinction
  • Version
  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 8.0+
Nexomon:Extinction - is a game where you have to go to The Northern Forest to find your monster buddy. Before you ask, you cannot by default accomplish this goal by heading east towards the big city, as Amelie will block your attempt. This does not prevent you from returning to other areas. But, they haven't changed at all since the very last act.

In the name of Ulzar, just head north to see how your fellow teenagers decide their paths with you. You will find that Nora goes her own way to the east, while Ross makes his own way along the western road, which leads only to the north, but not before a strange woman in a raincoat appears and everything stops.

The woman refuses to reveal either her purpose or her name. She claims that something dangerous threatening the Shelter is on the way. So you need to hurry north to hide in the secret room. Coco, a fellow cat, is completely unaware of the stated bets, as time seemed to have stopped, but he will follow you to go north and act as your navigator, not letting you go around. Keeping silent about her guidance, the two of you will find anything but a perfectly normal and unremarkable adventure when you get to the statue hiding the shelter.
Like a shooting star, the black dragon fell from the sky, but when it seems that there is no time to escape, the woman in the cloak returns, and the world freezes again. She sees this as a chance for you to linger and learn to fight while help is on the way.

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