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Summer Catchers

Summer Catchers

  • Updated
    15-05-2022, 12:22
  • Name
    Summer Catchers
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  • OS version
    Android 6.0+
Summer Catchers you play as a girl driving a small go-kart who looks at the ocean for the first time in her life. To do this, you must embark on a journey through her homeland through dangerous regions teeming with mythical beasts. Along the way you will find several pit stops where locals can send a message for help or otherwise ask for help, which you can solve with your cart and a few specialized tools. It's a useful plot with a few cool random events that serve no purpose other than to make this world mysterious and exciting.

Everything goes awry in the gameplay. For each stop you arrive at, the inhabitants hand out a quest board that must be completed before you can move on to the next area. From these quests you have to take one at a time, complete it, and then come back to get another one. To complete your tasks and travel further, you are provided with several tools that will help your cart overcome obstacles. When you are in pit stops, you can stock up on these tools and then spend them traveling in your cart. Some of these tools may be specialized for the mission you are currently on, while others are available all the time.

This is all good, but the problem is how these tools are implemented. Instead of having them on hand to use at any moment, they are placed in a backpack, which then selects three random uses of any tool inside. This means that you only have three options to overcome obstacles, and there is no guarantee that you will get what you need at any moment. You may need a jumping tool to get over the brier, but instead the backpack decides to give you three rocket accelerations. Apparently, the game wants you to switch between the wrong tools to get what you might really need. However, the obstacles are also random, and you have limited opportunities to find out what might happen next. Summer Catchers is very dependent on RNG.

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