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DrillKing - New Frontier

DrillKing - New Frontier

  • Updated
    18-05-2020, 09:00
  • Name
    DrillKing - New Frontier
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  • OS version
    Android 4.2+
The time when people began to explore other planets has come! It's time to start developing a plan for colonization. But to build spaceships, equipment and other things you need a huge amount of resources! Where to get them? Well... Have to sit in a huge car with a drill and dive under the earth's crust in search of minerals. But before you start your long journey of space exploration, you need to DrillKing - New Frontier.

Imagine that you just turned around on a newly discovered planet in order to colonize it. You have a very difficult task... Use all available tools and technologies to explore this planet. The deeper you go underground, the greater your chance of finding something really expensive.

Gradually, your warehouses will be filled with expensive minerals that you will send for sale to other planets. For the money you can improve your technology. Improve to the maximum your drill to get the opportunity to get the most valuable resources!

The game will delight you with a huge number of different improvements, opportunities for development and of course worked out, detailed graphics. Humanity hopes for you and you can not let him down!
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