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Drilla: Mine and Crafting

Drilla: Mine and Crafting

  • Updated
    18-04-2020, 13:11
  • Name
    Drilla: Mine and Crafting
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Drilla-the game will allow you to search for minerals, for which you will use a huge drill, drilling with it huge holes in the ground. In the process, you will be able to find a variety of valuable minerals and already use them for their benefit. For the constant operation of your drill, you will need a lot of energy, which will have to earn you. Initially, you will constantly lack energy during the passage, that's just so it will not be forever, you will be able to increase their reserves as you go, and soon you will have more than a lot of energy. The main thing to remember in the beginning do not rush to drill very quickly, otherwise you will get stuck somewhere in the most unexpected moment, because the energy you run out.

The drilling process turned out to be quite beautiful, you will be able to observe how the drill pushes the earth's thickness, moving gradually forward through a variety of surface types. In the process of discovering more and more useful deposits, you can find everything from iron ore and coal to precious stones and gold. All your findings, you can with some desire, it is quite good to sell, getting in return the game currency, which should be very useful to you in the future.

All the money you get during the passage, you can successfully spend on improving your drill, buying all sorts of additional items, you will be able to achieve improved patency, so that it will be more effective to look for jewelry in the ground. Agree all of the above is enough to download Drilla: Mine and Crafting for Android. On the one hand, the game turned out to be quite simple, but at the same time quite interesting, so it will be able to delay you for a long time. Fans of old toys, made in retro style, in any case will not be disappointed to see something like this.

It is also worth emphasizing that the game turned out to be shareware, that is, some of the game features in the simple state will be unavailable to you. If you want to get access to such opportunities. Then you have to either pay real money or watch commercials, in any case, some players may be disappointed with such requirements. However, some of the items available only for money, you can get in the form of bonuses, which need to be recognized here from time to time, but the bonuses are still not enough for everything.

game Features:

  • Excellent graphics component of the game;
  • Great improvement kit for your drill;
  • A lot of unexpected events that are not bad so decorate the game.

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