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The Trail

The Trail

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    5-01-2021, 22:34
  • Name
    The Trail
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    Android 4.0+
The Trail – in the game you will have to take control of a brave traveler, and go with him to meet adventures. The latter will be incredibly many, so in any case, you will not be bored. The game turned out to be very cheerful and extremely interesting, there are many successful moments, and unexpected plot twists. On the way you will meet a wide variety of characters, some will be friendly to you, while others will act as your enemies. Most of the time in the game you will have to explore the surrounding area, sometimes facing a variety of enemies in the confrontation, or just performing a variety of quests.

The character will get tired from time to time, in this case, you need to stop and wait until the strength is restored, or feed your character a few fruits. Also, as you progress, you will be able to equip your character with all sorts of useful things that improve its characteristics, by an order of magnitude, and will allow you to move forward much faster. These items can be easily purchased from sellers, which you can repeatedly meet as you progress through the game.

You will start the game as a simple poor man, but as you progress, you will be able to become really rich, start your own business, or even own several cities. Download The Trail for Android you can already for the sake of such opportunities, you can engage in pumping here for a very long time regularly improving the characteristics you need. In the game, you will regularly receive a variety of items that you do not particularly need. But at the same time they are quite valuable! So you can safely sell them or exchange them for something you need. Money in the game has a really important role, so constantly replenish their stocks, the only way you can create your financial Empire.

The game is difficult to attribute to any one genre, for the most part it belongs to simulators, but there are many borrowings from other genres. The game can please really beautiful graphics, the world turned out to be detailed and interesting. In addition, here you can enjoy a really high-quality Russian-language localization, which in any case acts as a real decoration of the game. In terms of image, the game is somewhat similar to the most common comics, but this in turn looks quite nice moments.

game Features:

  • Simple, but quite user-friendly interface;
  • Ability to create interesting items yourself;
  • The world is really big and interesting;
  • Decent and simply colorful graphics.

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