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  • Updated
    19-05-2022, 08:43
  • Name
    Botworld Adventure
  • Version
  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 6.0+
Botworld Adventure is a role—playing game in which a character in the form of an animal, accompanied by his bots, will fight numerous enemies in a huge world. Enter the world for free exploration, consisting of forests, deserts, mountains, rivers, lakes and plains, which you can explore together with your hero: an animal with human features, which you will choose between a cat, a dog, a lizard and a buffalo, and this, accompanied by your bots, will have to face a lot of enemies.

Botworld Adventure is a multiplayer role—playing game in which we will control our character with complete freedom, who will discover new environments, find junk for his bots and, above all, fight with other characters and players with whom he will share space. These battles are necessary to advance the story, as they will serve to gain experience and improve. In them, we can use bots as weapons, taking into account the unique abilities of each of them, which we can combine and use at our discretion, depending on the chosen strategy.

We need to control the action using a joystick located on the screen, and we observe it in a scenario in which we have a perspective area in the so-called 2.5D, which is a simple and intuitive control. All this together with the graphics makes this game a more than acceptable multiplayer role-playing game.
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