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Stephen Sharer’s Rocket Slide

Stephen Sharer’s Rocket Slide

  • Updated
    6-05-2022, 10:34
  • Name
    Stephen Sharer’s Rocket Slide
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  • OS version
    Android 5.0+
Rocket Slide is a game where the main role is assigned to the famous YouTuber Stephen Sharer. In this game you are flying through the air on your jetpack. Here, like the Jetpack Jump game, the rational use of jetpack energy matters. This will allow you to hold out for a longer period.

The game starts at the top of the ramp. To increase the speed, it must be reduced. The upper part on the screen shows how much energy has already been used at the moment. If the end is approaching, you need to tap on the screen. This will allow you to use the jetpack to continue flying through the air.

It is clear that the energy strip becomes empty after some time has passed. But, there is an opportunity to improve your jetpack when the game is on. This will help extend the time period of his flight. In any case, there are three buttons in the main menu. With their help, they improve the attributes of Stephen Sharer. At the same time, the jetpack with other equipment is improved. The game from Stephen Sharer is suitable for android. They get adrenaline from long-distance flights. Improving the jetpack allows you to set personal records when the game takes place.
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