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Space Marshals 3

Space Marshals 3

  • Updated
    1-05-2022, 08:00
  • Name
    Space Marshals 3
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  • OS version
    Android 7.0+
Space Marshal is a game that will offer to connect with the team. Open space hides many dangers. We need to hunt for space scammers. In this story game, more attention is paid to stealth and tactical battles. She continued the plot of an interesting story from the prequels. There is no prior knowledge required to enjoy the game.

It's worth trying to experience the first two levels for free. This can be done before deciding whether the game is suitable. The game was created by studio specialists. Each chapter will be sold separately. I would like to hope that you will definitely like the game. Use the environment to your advantage. To avoid an attack, you need to hide. Flank your enemies for greater efficiency. It is recommended to avoid hitting from the flank.

Here it is necessary to use tools in trading to gain an advantage. The presence of distractions, smoke bombs, light noise grenades, traps is provided. First you need to choose the right approach. Some people have the opinion that participation in a fight with a weapon at the ready will not always be the best way out. It is worth taking advantage of distractions to highlight the enemy. It is necessary to use stealth with weapons and a silencer to imperceptibly reduce the number of enemies. It is worth hacking gun turrets to attack their owners. Luring different enemy factions together will help. So they can fight each other.

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