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    16-02-2024, 08:25
  • Name
    Flippy Knife
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
In the game Flippy Knife , the gamemu will be engaged in throwing knives. For this purpose, a large number of different types of knives are provided. Their prototypes were collected all over the planet, and now the user has a unique Arsenal. With this set, it will be even easier to become a master of your craft.

In this development, you will need to throw sharp objects at wooden stumps. We must try to do it accurately, and collect combos. This way you can get additional points to your account. And to get prizes, you need to make jumps on shelves, or climb trees. The player will catch up with the drone running up.

And to get the most important prize, you need to hit exactly the target. Then you can become the owner of a chest with jewelry and gold. The gameplay is quite fun, and provides a lot of fun gifts. Also here you can get a useful experience that will not be superfluous.

As for the physics of the behavior of knives and throwing itself, it is made here as realistic as possible. The user will be able to choose one of thirty-five models of sharp weapons. Throw them in different locations, which makes the game process Flippy Knife diverse. First, the player will be at the campsite, then at the house of the Forester, and so on.

game Features:

  • large number of knives;
  • different locations;
  • good physics;
  • various prizes.
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