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    4-05-2023, 11:06
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    Blocky Roads
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    Android 2.3+
Good racing simulators, of course, will always be popular, the genre was born a long time ago, long before the first computer games, but as you can see for yourself. Popularity he does not even think to lose, and here you have an excellent confirmation of this

The game can be attributed to the genre of arcade games, only made in a racing style, you will have to drive a multi-ton truck, which, despite its appearance, is actually a very fast transport.

The graphic component here is well developed, on the one hand it is two-dimensional, but at the same time it is really beautiful, the picture is well-developed and pretty. Download Blocky Roads for Android, you can already for the sake of this. However, you should immediately add that the graphics here were worked out in a cubic style, similar to what you could see in Minecraft.

The game boasts a solid set of racing tracks, each of which has its own features and difficulties. In addition, there are a lot of available cubic cars, each of which will bring something original to the game, and of course, you do not need to explain how fun races on such cars can turn out. And there is also a functional car editor, with which you can create your own vehicle, and it will differ from everything available in the game.
Download Blocky Roads free for android
Download Blocky Roads for Android v.1.3.8
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