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    17-07-2021, 09:18
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    Android 2.3+
3D Tuning – here you can watch an interesting app that is perfect for all true fans of motor transport. So if you own a vehicle, or are going to become a car owner in the future, do not even hesitate. The app installed on your device is sure to be useful to you. Here you can find the most up-to-date car models of the modern world, more than a thousand copies, in extremely realistic quality.

There are also many new products, including representatives of foreign cars and domestic transport. There are many famous cars that were popular in the past, you can take a close look at them. The elaboration of realism here is at a very high level, so that any detail, you will be able to consider in great detail.

In addition to the cars themselves, there is a huge selection of various car parts, such as wheels and mirrors, all of which were provided in extreme detail. So you can look at everything you like very closely. Download 3DTuning for Android, as you can see for yourself, is already only for the sake of such a set of advantages. You should not get bored with the app.
There is also a set of options to change the appearance of your device, you can adjust the height of the suspensions, or paint to your liking, transport in appearance, can change very much, thanks to this.

The program is constantly updated, so you can constantly observe some new advantages. You can create a garage where you can keep dozens of cars that have been modified to your liking, and then share them all with others without any significant problems.
The program is not particularly demanding on your device, although if you want to share your work with others, you will need the Internet, without which you will simply nowhere. The interface is very simple, but at the same time functional, so you can change everything to your liking without any significant difficulties. In addition, the management settings themselves are actually very extensive.

app Features:

  • A huge set of available cars that you can interact with;
  • Well-designed graphics, the world is really beautiful;
  • Many car parts available for viewing;
  • Convenient management, it should make your life much easier;
  • The app is not particularly demanding, so it should run smoothly on almost any modern device.

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