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Monopoly Millionaire

Monopoly Millionaire

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    9-11-2018, 19:00
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    Monopoly Millionaire
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    Android 2.2+
Monopoly Millionaire – at one time, the Board game was just incredibly popular, and its popularity, as you can see, and in our time does not think to go anywhere. Here you can feel like a real businessman, infinitely expanding your business, and subordinating competitors one by one.

The game originally appeared as a standard Board game, and played it long before the first digital toys, but as you can see, the relevance of it still has not gone away, so that people play it with great pleasure.
The peculiarity of the gameplay here is that your opponents will be several characters, your key goal is to ruin them in as short a line as possible. Everything is done as in the ancient version, you will throw dice, make moves and expand your business. On the one hand, everything will depend quite heavily on some element of luck, sometimes the dice will give you a very inconvenient combination. But at the same time, your skill also affects a lot. Download Monopoly Millionaire for Android, you can already only for the sake of such a set of features.

In terms of appearance, the toy on the one hand, borrowed a lot from the desktop version, but also added a lot of various visual effects. The sound effects are also extremely diverse. In General, most of the time, you will see a three-dimensional Board in front of you, where all the actions take place. This adds to the toy's appeal, and sometimes it feels like we are playing a real desktop version. Management is convenient, you can make all your moves, just one finger. There is no translation, this will be a bit of a hindrance, but if you have had the pleasure of playing in the real world, you can figure it out here. At the same time, we are pleased with a strong enough artificial intelligence, your opponents will not allow themselves to be ruined so easily, on the contrary, they quickly take retaliatory moves, trying to squeeze out a piece of business from you, so winning will be very difficult here. The people who created this miracle, by the way, are still working on it, so regularly wait for new pleasant features.

game Features:

  • The old desktop Monopoly, has acquired a new look, it will undoubtedly have to please both old fans and new players;it is light and undemanding, will go even on older devices, besides the Android version, too, there are no special requirements;
  • Convenient control. The interface was not Russified, but here is the case when it is not necessary, you can easily figure out everything yourself.

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