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Art of War: Legions

Art of War: Legions

  • Updated
    17-01-2021, 18:34
  • Name
    Art of War: Legions
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    Android 4.1+
Art of War: Legions - a dynamic voxel strategy game about the endless war of the legions. The player will be able to try himself in the role of the commander of a huge army and show his abilities in the disposal and placement of the soldiers ' companies to the rest of the participants in the battles. Choose an effective attacking or defensive formation to suit your style of play and defeat the enemy with tactics. As an experienced commander, use any advantage to win: numerical superiority, terrain features, specific classes of warriors-all this can easily turn the outcome of the battle. In addition to strategic decisions in the midst of battle, the player must choose which locality to attack first, and which soldiers to improve.

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