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    25-01-2024, 09:26
  • Name
    Zombie Tsunami
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  • OS version
    Android 2.3+
Zombie Tsunami - is a dynamic toy in which gamers will need skill and ability to react quickly in a dangerous situation. The Central characters of this game are the living dead, which You have to manage. First one, and as you go through an army of bloodthirsty zombies.

The world is once again engulfed in a wave of zombiepocalypse. What caused the crash is not clear. It is likely that humanity, according to a favorite tradition of developers, was subjected to a deadly virus infection, or mutagenic emissions into the atmosphere. The difference between this game and similar ones is the change of roles. We will run away and fight off the evil zombies, our task is to enslave the survivors of the infection of people, adding them to their numerous ranks.

The passage takes place in a constantly increasing rhythm, so you need to act carefully and very carefully. Your colony will gradually grow, but you should manage on the running hero, the rest will repeat his movements and obediently perform all the machinations required of them. The goal of this app is to conquer the longest distance possible, simultaneously turning non-infected representatives of the planet Earth into brainless monsters. Because if you die in the process, you will quickly be replaced by a running "tribesman". From this we can conclude that the larger the crowd of like-minded people, the higher the chances of taking the leading position in the rating. On the way, the creatures will meet all sorts of deadly obstacles-abysses, huge mines that come into action from the slightest touch to them, cars flying to meet You at an exorbitant speed. To capture a stationary car, you will need four monsters, an airplane or a bus-12, and the same number will be required to capture an enemy tank.

There are also bonus rewards, in the form of boxes with a question. Inside can be various ništâčki, great simplifies the implementation of the missions. At first glance, the design makes a primitive impression, but gradually it is given a logical explanation, you will have to play in a frenzied rhythm, and considering the quality of the image can turn into sad consequences. In General, download Zombie Tsunami for Android is a very original and exciting Rainer, with which time flies quickly.
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