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Last Day on Earth Survival

Last Day on Earth Survival

  • Updated
    26-12-2023, 10:25
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    Last Day on Earth Survival
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    Android 4.1+
Last Day on Earth Survival - is a fascinating stimulant in the genre of adventure, in which we are talking about what you need to survive representatives of the planet Earth after the next zombiapokalipsis. According to the idea of the developers, the population was subjected to a terrible impact of a deadly virus, and as a result, colonies of revived undead began to appear. Not many managed to escape from the infection, and only a few continue to exist among zombakov. One of them is the Central character of the described fun. And the gamer had a unique opportunity to save him from the teeth of bloodthirsty pursuers.

The essence of the gameplay differs little from similar products from the world of games. The hero miraculously escaped death now need a good shelter, which is to be built. Erected housing, however, will have to save not only from the monstrous monsters, the survivors are also not averse to take possession of reliable apartments, so they can attack at any time. Danger lurks at every step, and the slightest relaxation threatens you with the beginning of the passage of the level. Materials that are needed for the construction of the fortress can be purchased in the open world. There are also all sorts of tools and items that are very useful for missions.

Another important factor for the implementation of the plan is the production of food. This will require hunting and crop production. Carefully monitor the resources of the hero, because the lack of the necessary energy will adversely affect his physical activity, and the enemy will be able to take advantage of his weakness in their insidious plans. Download Last Day on Earth: Survival for Android is an atmospheric strategy, addictive from the first minutes and does not let go for a long period of time.

The application is equipped with excellent graphics and user-friendly controls with a top view. The musical accompaniment corresponds to what is happening on the display of the mobile device, and creates the appropriate atmosphere. In addition, the toy is equipped with multiplayer, in which you can meet other players in real time to join forces or fight to prove their absolute superiority. In General, the game turned out to be very colorful and able to attract the attention of users with different age categories.
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