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Doomsday Clicker

Doomsday Clicker

  • Updated
    28-02-2021, 09:10
  • Name
    Doomsday Clicker
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0.3+
Doomsday clicker – quite a non-standard survival simulator, you will have to survive here in an underground bunker. In which a lot of all sorts of important and necessary items. Which need to be monitored, maintaining their full operation and functioning. The hero here will be a simple monkey, which built a similar bunker. That's just a monkey is not quite simple, she built a bunker for a reason, she tries to make money on people who have nowhere to hide. The game's plot begins with the fact that the world has a nuclear war. After that, you will have to constantly improve and expand your shelter. You constantly need to add new living spaces where you can accommodate people. In addition, you can study the many mutants that arose under the influence of radiation, and now just roam around, causing people a lot of problems. In addition, you need to develop the industry, creating all kinds of production that will supply you with everything you need.

New rooms created in the bunker will bring you money, which in turn you can safely spend on everything you need for the game, including the creation of new rooms. In addition, for effective passage, you are waiting for all sorts of interesting rewards. For example, thanks to some interesting bonuses, you can multiply the income from your rooms. So in any case, you will need to focus on getting these benefits.

In addition, some of the mutants that roam the area will wander to you on the light, so that the game will be given a lot of time just fighting with them. By killing mutants, you can also get bonuses. At the start, you will be able to move in a relatively small location, but gradually it will grow and cover more and more territory. Download Doomsday clicker for Android, in any case, you can already only for the sake of such features.

Unfortunately, the game has more than just advantages. But there are some disadvantages, for example, the picture here is quite weak and primitive. Against the background of most modern mobile games, even relatively mediocre looks all this is not very. But thanks to the rather weak graphics, the game is not particularly demanding for your device, so it will work, even on a relatively weak phone. Owners of old smartphones should appreciate something like this.

game Features:

  • Vivid gameplay;
  • Many opportunities in terms of construction;
  • Interesting main character;
  • The ability to use real money in the game.

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