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Sky Whale

Sky Whale

  • Updated
    27-07-2020, 07:29
  • Name
    Sky Whale
  • Version
  • Category
  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Here before you is a fun and bright endless game in which you will go on an adventure, along with a funny creature. Your hero will resemble the most ordinary narwhal, but he can fly, and his food is doughnuts. By eating them, your character will be able to move on, thus making up for the forces spent on the flight. The toy was designed for a children's audience, but it may well appeal to adults.

The controls are simple, in order to fly forward, you just need to tap the screen, and your character will endlessly fly as long as he has fuel. In addition to doughnuts, you will find a huge variety of other items, some of which will help you move forward more effectively, while others can slow down your movement. There are both game bonuses and just items that serve as decoration.

In terms of images, everything is quite cartoonish, but cute. Both the surrounding world and the characters are more than pleasing. Everything looks quite crazy, but at the same time more than interesting.

You can download Sky Whale for Android, even if the game is not a masterpiece, but it will help to brighten up the time. And this is defined more than well. This is not a game that will be able to disappoint with something serious. There are almost no disadvantages here.

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