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The Rats

The Rats

  • Updated
    3-01-2021, 19:00
  • Name
    The Rats
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0+
A little crazy, but at the same time a very fun game that should not disappoint you. It is not difficult to guess, here you will have to deal with a lot of fun and interesting rats. The animals turned out to be very funny, and just incredible. In the story, we have rats here who are building their peaceful underground state, your goal will be to help them in the construction of various buildings. As well as regularly reflect the raids of numerous opponents, which the prosperity of your Kingdom, will be strongly disliked. And they will try to interfere with you in every way, in all possible ways.

At the start, you will get a small group of rats that need to be fed regularly, over time they will multiply and turn into a thriving colony. If you don't have enough food at the start, you can make a foray into more prosperous neighbors. In the process, do not wait for some bloody battles, your rats want to first steal your piece of food and quickly run home, all sorts of battles they are simply not interested.

Download The Rats for Android, it is quite possible. Here before you, of course, a successful game, which first of all pleases the eye with its originality. The people who created it did a good job, and the result is quite original and interesting thing, not like the work of competitors.

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