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Dark Riddle

Dark Riddle

  • Updated
    25-05-2022, 09:55
  • Name
    Dark Riddle
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Dark Riddle is a game that has become a great adventure project. The creators of vo used the best stealth action games to develop it. The heroes in them were crazy neighbors. Also, unique ideas helped in the creation. Therefore, now Gamers have excellent graphics, physics, and other pleasant features. Having all this in front of your eyes, you will never have to get bored. The main character once had to move to the territory of a not very large area.

He later found out that he would have to live near a strange neighbor. Most often, he liked to sit in the house, preferring the life of a recluse. Now it's time to find out about him. This guy probably has a few secrets. I must say that there are various traps inside the house where he lives. Therefore, the participant must bypass them.

There are many colorful locales in the game. They are filled with interactive objects. The latter are used when they reveal the secrets that a strange neighbor has. The main character will never be bored. He has a very interesting case. The neighbor turned out to be quite an evil person. From his house, you can hear the appearance of incomprehensible sounds every day.

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