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Not Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story Game

Not Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story Game

  • Updated
    23-05-2022, 15:43
  • Name
    Not Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story Game
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Not quite a hero is a game that is an interesting, unique novel. According to the plot, the participant of the game gets to the superheroes. He needs to cooperate with them as an agent. The game is designed quite colorfully. To become successful in life, you need to be more active.

When you are tired of simple plots related to heroes who have to help the whole planet, when a threat looms over it, you want to get more originality, then you should download this game. The game has three starting points, four directions of routes along which secondary characters pass, nine options for different endings of the game. Those who managed to cope with difficulties are invited to try the bonus route. Superheroes are simple guys. The plot line continues to develop depending on what actions the hero takes. The player is surrounded by quite colorful characters.

The main character's name is Riley. He becomes an employee of the bureau. The character himself has no unique abilities. However, he is always surrounded by amazing people. Different characters correspond with each other. Each participant needs the appropriate equipment, weapons, and information. To unlock new chapters and episodes, players will need currency.

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