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    19-05-2022, 10:57
  • Name
    Watcher Chronicles
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  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 9+
Watcher Chronicles - is a game with non-linear and interconnected secret passages and routes as you travel. In every area you pass through, there are many skeletal enemies, ranging from axe wielders, bow wielders, and even larger mutated animal-like skeletons. If you manage to reach the end of the level with enough health, you will face the boss. It needs to be defeated before you can move on to the next region.

If you dive into this game thinking that your knowledge and basic skills in soul-like games are decent, be prepared to rework your skills a bit. Methodical combat and managing your strategy will become your best friends in Watcher Chronicles. Spamming your blocks and attacks will only lead to your death — actually several times before I decided to change the strategy. Being methodical in your attacks to conserve energy and stamina to block incoming attacks from large groups is absolutely necessary if you don't want to die right before the boss battle and be sent back to the beginning of the region again. With more than 20 bosses in Purgatory, there's definitely not enough work to do if you can't manage skills early on.

Managing energy and stamina levels is crucial for survival. As for the art style itself, if you've ever played or seen Castle Crashers, it's very similar. The cartoon appearance and bright colors combine fantastically with each other, creating a contrast between the background environment and the game area in the foreground. As for your main character, you can choose a male or female model. But, this is really what character settings are about, apart from armor upgrades. The non-player and non-hostile characters that appear and live at your Haven home base also have their own unique looks and styles. This is a good addition, allowing you to distinguish them from each other — these characters can help you improve your weapons.
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