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Farm Land

Farm Land

  • Updated
    15-05-2022, 12:04
  • Name
    Farm Land
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    Android 7.1+
Farm Land is a research and recreation game dedicated to farm management. There are two main lines in the game. The first main line is that players need to continue to manage their own farms. Players need to plant crops, prototypes, milk cows.

Players can sell their products in stores in exchange for money to continue expanding production. Another main line is that players need to constantly expand their lands, constantly explore new environments and engage in new types of agricultural production. When expanding operations and expanding lands, players need to spend money. Many players don't have enough money. Now download Farm Land Mod, players will be able to use money for free, and there will be more and more money.
The Farm Land graphic game screen is made in cartoon 3D style, and the characters inside are very cute.

Gameplay The gameplay of Farm Land is the same as in a regular farm management simulator game. Players must earn money through agricultural production, and players can use the money to expand production or expand land. The main points. The highlight of the Farm Land game is that this game is dynamic, and players can achieve high results in a short period of time.

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