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Solar Smash

Solar Smash

  • Updated
    14-05-2022, 19:24
  • Name
    Solar Smash
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    Android 5.1+
Solar Smash — has become a bright, exciting game. Here the participant turns into a ruler, to whom the universe obeys. He can use the most powerful weapon. The player himself decides which planet to get rid of, which race to give preference to. You're the boss now! A lot of exciting emotions and cool effects are waiting for you.

The one—of-a-kind, unique and impressive Solar Smash game is a real treasure for everyone who is looking for the perfect way to kill time. This cool game was developed in collaboration with NASA, so the effects, graphics and physics here are realistic. You have only one goal here — to destroy planets in many pleasant ways. Destruction can be caused by various weapons that have their own properties and therefore affect the planet in their original way. Do your best to make the destruction beautiful and creative! The game provides all the possibilities and tools for this. Let's delve into the details.

First you have to make a choice of any planet. Then they carry it in pieces along with what its surface contains. Bomb it with asteroids or burn a hole in it with a super-powered laser. Use nuclear missiles and enjoy the beauty of explosions from outer space. Relax after a hard day and unleash your energy in this amazing arcade game!.

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