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Su Mon Smash: Star Coliseum

Su Mon Smash: Star Coliseum

  • Updated
    22-11-2019, 14:56
  • Name
    Su Mon Smash: Star Coliseum
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0+
Su Mon Smash: Star Coliseum is an action-style game featuring monsters. The fact that genetic engineers have derived from ordinary beasts monsters. These creatures can be controlled. A special arena was created, where the competitions of monsters controlled by people take place. Any user will be able to take control of the monster to demonstrate tactical talents. Creatures are created in the form of modified crocodiles, mantises, bears, lizards and other animals. Management is created simple and clear, so it will be easy to interact with the process. Ahead of the player waiting for an exciting gameplay, during which you will not be bored.

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