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Space Agency 2138

Space Agency 2138

  • Updated
    11-05-2022, 08:50
  • Name
    Space Agency 2138
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    Android 8.0+
Space Agency 2138 is a graphical simulator. Players will have to implement an ambitious space program. It is now possible to translate this into reality. It was made possible by scientific achievements, proven technologies and new research.

However, some problems and risks will appear first. It is always necessary to calculate and predict them. Otherwise, travel, scientific discoveries and colonization of other planets will remain only grandiose ideas on the pages of fantastic works.

The gamer in the plot of the game has his own space agency. The place of action in the game is 2138. Specialists build space rockets, extract valuable resources. Send a rocket into space and explore other worlds in search of resources. They are needed to create new missiles. Some money will be needed to develop the agency. Very large organizations are not easy to manage. On the territory of another world, you can create a new space station. During the exploration of the vast universe, new planets are discovered.

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