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Выдающийся Хранитель: Война Убийства Драконов

Выдающийся Хранитель: Война Убийства Драконов

  • Updated
    8-05-2022, 08:27
  • Name
    Выдающийся Хранитель: Война Убийства Драконов
  • Version
  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 5.0+
Dragon Slaying War - will offer a game where a fantasy world is worked out. Players here can show strategic skill skills. First you need to make a choice of the country to fight for its territory. In a battle, a correct and accurate analysis of the situation is important. The creators were able to embody a combination of TD strategy and excellent graphics with a classic RPG.

One day the dragons attacked the territory of the earth. Therefore, the participant will have to go through epic battles. He must certainly help his homeland. It turned out to be a perfect symbiosis, in which different genres, gameplay features, plot twists are collected.

The continuation of this battle will last for quite a long time and more than one century. The battle seems to never end. Stratetigy is made in a completely new fantasy format. The participant will meet heroes, monsters, werewolves, dragons. You can win only with the help of the strongest troops. The difficult path has prepared quite a lot of tests. Therefore, it is necessary to join the Guild without delay in order to help each participant in the team cope with attacks or repel an enemy raid when there is a real time. No one will be bored when the amazing battles begin.
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