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Fifth Dimension Ep. 1: Destiny

Fifth Dimension Ep. 1: Destiny

  • Updated
    4-04-2021, 11:52
  • Name
    Fifth Dimension Ep. 1: Destiny
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Fifth Dimension Ep. 1: Destiny – an adventure role-playing game in the genre of interactive cinema. The plot tells the story of a man who learns that his wife had a stillborn child, and now he has to somehow find out about the sources of this problem. The main character opens a portal that takes him to 1918, during the height of the First World War. Now you need to survive at all costs on the battlefield, get to know the soldiers and protect them from numerous guerrilla ambushes. Find out how Major May is connected to your wife and involved in a terrible disaster, explore the developed locations and save your child.

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