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Vector 2 Premium

Vector 2 Premium

  • Updated
    1-03-2022, 21:45
  • Name
    Vector 2 Premium
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Here you have an interesting game in which you will essentially have only one task, namely running. In the story, you are running away from your pursuers, and now you must make every effort to ensure that you do not catch up. The difficulty is constantly increasing, the number of obstacles that arise in your way increases regularly, and you can not slow down, because the pursuer is chasing you at your heels.

The game boasts beautiful graphics and aggressive music, all of which perfectly complements the process of passing and does not let you get bored. Download Vector 2 Premium Android can already be exclusively for the sake of this game set. By the way, we should add that this is the second part of the game, it inherited the main idea from the first, but it also added many new features. For example, there are many incredible traps scattered along your path that will really slow down your progress very much.

In addition, you can now learn by learning a variety of tricks, you will move much better, which will make it easier to avoid traps and faster to escape from pursuit. And the game boasts a huge set of levels, as you progress through which the world will change very significantly, there will always be something new and interesting.

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