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HeadHorse: Horror Game

HeadHorse: Horror Game

  • Updated
    27-12-2020, 11:46
  • Name
    HeadHorse: Horror Game
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  • OS version
    Android 7.0+
HeadHorse - survival horror, the main character of which was kidnapped by a maniac with a horse's head. Your task is to get to your car and get out of his lair alive. To do this, distract the kidnapper with the objects found, but at the same time make as few sounds as possible to remain unnoticed. For a successful escape, the player will have to solve puzzles and be on the alert, because the man in the horse mask always walks on the heels. Dark area, frightening music and sound will immerse you in the atmosphere of the unknown and the approaching enemy. The appearance of the owner of the house can be changed by choosing one of several free skins in the store.

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