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Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure

Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure

  • Updated
    15-05-2021, 10:37
  • Name
    Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0.3+
the game Indie cat: three-in-a-row on Android is a sensational video game of the social network Odnoklassniki, which is very popular, and now the developers have provided an opportunity to enjoy the fun by downloading it to mobile devices. The arcade game will certainly appeal to all fans of media entertainment in three in a row , in which to achieve the objectives, you will have to break your head pretty much. A huge number of stages with varying degrees of complexity will delight users of different age categories.

Let's look at the component of this fun in more detail. Download Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure Android is a classic version of the puzzle with 125 modes that are constantly being added, so you need to update the app regularly. In the first ten positions, the gamer needs to get the required number of game points for a certain number of moves. If this is not enough for You, you will be defeated and lose your life, which are restored after the specified time. If you successfully completed the assigned mission and you still have some of the unspent moves, they can be spent on the implementation of missions that bring additional points to the General piggy Bank.

At the end of the game process, you are rewarded with stars, ideally three of them. However, the only plus from the earned stars is a satisfied egocentrism, they do not affect anything else. As you progress through the requirements become more complex, and new goals are set, the fulfillment of which means victory. To do this, you will need to try very hard and pull down the found artifacts, or eliminate glass barriers. Management in the toy is at an extremely accessible level. Moving the crystals occurs using the usual manipulations, click on one stone and swap it with another.

The essence of what is happening is quite monotonous, but the quality of the picture is really pleasing: bright and colorful landscapes, soft animation, a lot of impressive special effects. The music is chosen in the style of adventure, which fits perfectly into the provided gameplay. In General, the described application is an excellent logical arcade game that should be installed by all fans of this genre. The game may require investment of real money, but the results will not be affected. Critical acclaim, solid four.

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