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Face Swap

Face Swap

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    22-01-2018, 18:36
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    Face Swap
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    Android 4.3+
Face Swap - is a fun program with which you can have fun, swapping faces in a family photo. Face swap will appeal to fans of experiments on their images to give them some zest. If you remember pictures of the on which all are portrayed with identical emotions described designer, as times applies to tool ability to achieve such a effect. In addition, there is a classic photo editor that helps to completely modify the photo.

Accessible menu and intuitive interface are a nice addition and add positive feedback to the piggy Bank of this original software on mobile devices. When you first start You find yourself in the main menu, where you can select the file intended for editing. The choice of source is presented in three options-a gallery, a camera, or one of the popular social networks. In the Central part of the screen a warning is displayed in which the user is provided with information about the location of the person in the photo. For best results, a person should look straight ahead.

Try out all the options download Face Swap on Android you can download a picture with a lot of people. The program automatically determines the number of objects and their approximate location. After that, you can swap sketches at your own discretion, indicating which elements should be replaced. If the image of one person has more pronounced forms than the other, it is easy to eliminate with the help of scaling. In the process of modification, all identified faces are displayed on the right on a rectangular panel, from where they can be easily moved to the canvas.

At the end of the editing process, the image parameters such as the color palette and orientation are changed. Moreover, the final version of the photo image can be reduced, or add a text message to it. In General, this platform copes with the task assigned to it, but in the end the pictures look a little unnatural, because it is not photoshop. But for those who want to quickly change the location of the faces in the pictures, this widget will definitely like it. On the internal component and accessibility of the menu, it surpasses many similar editors, so it gets a well-deserved top five and recommendations for downloading.

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