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Drag Battle

Drag Battle

  • Updated
    9-01-2021, 16:07
  • Name
    Drag Battle
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Drag Battle – a game in which you can enjoy the speed, participating in rapid races. In the game, you will have access to a large set of sports cars that you can use for dashing races on the terrain. There are a lot of cars, all of them are beautiful and, most importantly, fast, so you will not be disappointed with what you see. In addition, there is an extensive system of improvements, thanks to which you can repeatedly improve your transport, achieving more impressive characteristics, well, understand about the appearance of cars do not forget to make them more beautiful, you can also quite well. We are also pleased with a really large set of well-designed trails, there will be where to turn, the tracks themselves are complex, while the scenery outside the window is really nice.

The detailed graphics in the game are extremely good, the cars are designed so soundly that you can admire the reflections of objects in shiny surfaces. It is understood that any car, you can repaint it in the color you are interested in. But on cars, the quality of graphics does not end, if you try to consider the world around you, you can also see a lot of really interesting moments. The small details of the city are so well worked out that the realism of the surrounding world can only greatly please. The sounds are not inferior to the picture, you can hear a lot of realistic effects, for example, the sound of the engine turned out to be plausible just extremely. Agree already exclusively for the sake of such opportunities download Drag Battle for Android you just need to be sure.

To win, it is important to add nitrogen cylinders, which will help to snatch the lead at a key moment. Just as important are all kinds of modern tires that organize the best grip. If you really want to win, you need to pump your car to the maximum, only in this case you can be sure that you will not lose. Also, as you progress, you will receive a variety of tasks that will make the passage more interesting. The game has a convenient control, all controls are compactly located on the screen, the buttons are exactly where they are most important. In addition, there is a high-quality translation, which makes it easier to handle the game quite strongly, in this regard, too, everything turned out better than ever. But at the same time, due to its characteristics, the game is quite demanding for your device.

game Features:

  • Excellent graphics component;
  • Large selection of available transport;
  • Many challenging missions;
  • Overall difficulty, opponents will not let you win so easily.

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