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Blaze of Battle

Blaze of Battle

  • Updated
    5-01-2021, 13:43
  • Name
    Blaze of Battle
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
This game takes the user to a fantasy world where you can watch kingdoms appear and disappear.

In the presented strategy game, the plot develops from simple to complex, which is typical for this genre. The player will have to explore the surrounding space in the form of a knight with a dragon. You need to perform all sorts of feats, getting a special currency for performing them. In the game Blaze of Battle, you can use the collected resources to attract other knights to the service. You will need to improve their abilities and build your Kingdom. When resources are available, there will be enemies. For effective confrontation, you should enlist the support of friends. You need to create your own Alliance, or join an existing Association. Together with other players, you can protect your Kingdom and fight back against enemy forces. You can also expand your holdings by capturing neighboring kingdoms. And their possessions need to develop and eliminate weaknesses.

game Features:

  • nice design;
  • strategy development;
  • different activities;
  • ability to create an Alliance.

Start the gameplay with the construction of your own locality, as well as its development. To make the city special, there are different settings.

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