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    2-01-2024, 15:10
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    Durak Online
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    Android 4.0+
Durak Online is considered the most popular and common game using a standard deck of cards. With the development of modern technology in casual, but such an exciting toy can be played on all sorts of devices. For Fool spend free time absolutely all generations. Schoolchildren, students, handymen, office employees and even pensioners know the rules and tactics of card leisure.

The essence is to get rid of the cards on the hands of your opponents, but you will not succeed if you have a deck from which the composition of your "hand" is replenished. The first winner receives the largest share of the total winnings, and each subsequent earns a little less than the previous one. The loser is only one person – the last one. If you lose, do not hurry to get upset, with each loss you gain experience and increase your chances of a triumphant victory. The application can gather at least two, but not more than six people. You can also choose the Fool mode, including the flip, transfer and the number of participating cards in the deck from 24 to 52. The search for opponents is also customizable and can work according to the specified parameters.

Implementation of the Fool online is amazing, among all the positive aspects I want to highlight the main: convenience and simplicity of the interface, the ability to communicate with smiles, add to your friends list of new party members, the absence of annoying ads, bugs and complex menu. Graphics locanichna and not annoying, moreover, the lack of piles and unnecessary details focuses directly on the gameplay, and not useless entourage.

If you are tired of numerous defeats, and you want to change your account, you can reset the data and start with a clean face. If you are not satisfied with zeroing in principle, you will have to dig into the system files and delete one of the folders with saving and repeat the installation procedure. To ensure victory, try to remember what has already happened and what trumps can appeal to the enemy. If you want to have fun with a friend or a whole company of friends, find out their login and enter in the search list of companions, and then add and invite to the party. In any case, try to get the most pleasure and excitement from a simple but interesting idea.
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