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Smashing Four

Smashing Four

  • Updated
    3-01-2021, 16:49
  • Name
    Smashing Four
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
We invite you to take part in the biggest game of this year. Download the game app to your gadget and compete with your friends. Forward to victory! The gameplay in General consists of continuous battles with opponents. After starting the game process, you will be able to find the strongest squad in front of you, with which you will be able to go to war.

When you continuously defeat your enemies in the game Smashing Four, you can pump the characteristics of not only your character, but also the team of heroes in General. By developing your own characters, you will be able to appear after a while in the results table, which can be seen by players from all over the world. Turn into a real warrior that everyone in the area will know! Popularity is just around the corner!

When you go through the game and pump, you can open new locations with arenas where the battle will take place directly. Do not forget that the outcome of the battle is influenced not only by muscles and weapons. You need to use intelligence, as well as make the right tactics that the enemy does not expect from you at all.

game Features:

  • A large number of opponents;
  • Interesting task;
  • A large number of characters.

This is a universe that doesn't know anything about you and your squad. Show them your own skills of tactics and battle, and get only a victory. Discover a real world filled with all sorts of colors.

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